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Specialty Damage Restoration Service Denver

Pure Restore offers specialized damage restoration services throughout metro Denver and the surrounding communities. We are available 24/7 to help with all of your unique cleanup and restoration needs.

We have experience helping clients navigate these difficult challenges daily. Our team is equipped to swiftly and safely return your home or business to prior conditions. Pure Restore is experienced in these areas, and we are passionate about sharing our knowledge with clients.

specialty restoration and cleanup services denver

Pure Restore offers a wide range of specialty cleanup and restoration services.

Many clients think that restoration companies, like Pure Restore, only handle water, fire and mold problems. Nothing could be further from the truth. We offer our clients a comprehensive list of specialized restoration and cleanup services to address their specific needs. If you encounter any of the issues listed below, please call our experienced team of restoration specialists – we are available 24/7 – and we have the knowledge, equipment and experience to get the job done right the first time!

  • Professional Contents Cleaning – While restoration usually refers to the integrity structural elements, contents cleaning addresses all affected items in the home or business—such as electronics, appliances, textiles, fabrics, leather, wooden furniture, literature, photos and more.
  • Medical Environmental Testing – This service can provide useful information to people who are experiencing illness from environmental conditions. If you are dealing with allergies that are abnormal, it could be resulting from a source of mold growing in your home.
  • Trauma & Biohazard Cleanup – Pure Restore offers professional cleaning for residential trauma, suicides, homicides, commercial or industrial accident cleanup and more. Our team is available 24/7 for this service, and we are prepared to approach from a position of empathy.
  • Covid-19 Virus Decontamination – We offer decontamination services that work on every nook and cranny in your home, including HVAC systems. Our team uses a detailed and layered process to ensure that even high-traffic areas are as safe as possible.
  • Sanitization Services – Let us provide expert deep cleaning—we can disinfect and sanitize any home or business. After water damage, fire damage or mold damage it’s recommended to fully clean and sanitize the environment.
  • Board Up Services – Need to secure a home or building until glass replacements are installed? Pure Restore provides a hassle-free board up service after fires, floods, and more. Available 24/7.
  • Deodorization and Odor Control – Our certified and licensed team can help if you are dealing with an odor after experiencing water damage, fire/smoke damage, or if you suspect that you may have mold growing. Available 24/7.
  • Asbestos Abatement – Asbestos removal is a heavily regulated process, but Pure Restore can help you navigate the steps and permits from start to finish.
  • Air Quality Testing – When you suspect poor air quality, you can hire pros like us to provide a detailed report on what we are finding. This is particularly useful if you recently dealt with fires, smoke, or mold damage.

Have a unique restoration of cleanup problem? Let Pure Restore test, inspect and restore your Denver area home or commercial property. Call Pure Restore at 303-955-7072 to schedule service with our team of professional restoration experts!

We are your trusted source for restoration and cleanup in the Denver area

Regardless of which specialty service you are utilizing, we are available to answer your questions about the process anytime. Once you start working with Pure Restore, you will be assigned a project manager who can give useful information on the approach and timelines for any provided solutions.

If you are not sure which services you need or if you have questions on what we provide, feel free to call us anytime during business hours at 303-955-7072 or email us using the form located here.

Why choose Pure Restore for your specialty restoration needs?

When you choose to work with Pure Restore, you are selecting a company that understands Colorado’s environment and how it affects our processes. We are passionate about making people’s lives easier and ensuring that their home or property is taken care of.

As professionals in the industry with a wide range of certifications, we are uniquely qualified to perform a wide range of testing, restoration, and remediation services to communities across Colorado.

Contact our expert restoration and cleanup team today! We are available 24/7 to address your damage restoration needs. Call Pure Restore at 303-955-7072 to schedule your service!

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Here’s How It Works


Step 1: Inspection

We'll evaluate your property in person to assess all damage.

Our certified technicians use state of the art equipment and tools to find all affected areas in your property. Educating and guiding our customers through the process is our passion.


Step 2: Start Work

Sign a work authorization form so work can start right away.

After developing a scope our team gets to work. We are NOT a demolition company. Our goal is to get you back to pre-loss condition in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of demo possible. We use specialized equipment and techniques to accomplish this.


Step 3: Certificate of Satisfaction

We are not done until you sign off on the job.

After completing the work, we walk the entire project with the property owner to ensure the quality of work and scope was completed to satisfaction. We stand by our work and our customers throughout the entire project. We are available to answer any question 24/7/365.

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CALL 303.955.7072

to speak to a damage restoration specialist


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We are Colorado’s Top-Rated Disaster Restoration Company

Pure Restore is the industry leader in disaster restoration. We offer quality service and peace of mind to both home and business owners alike during emergency situations of all kinds.

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We’ve been fortunate to serve some pretty amazing clients. It’s a privilege to be among Colorado’s most trusted restoration companies.

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Pure Restore is IICRC certified, insured, and bonded. Whether the job is big or small, our team can tackle it.







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We offer 24/7 Emergency Service to all of our customers. At Pure Restore, we love restoring our customers’ properties to look and feel new again. We provide both commercial and residential restoration for any number of property damage issues. Our team is experienced at addressing fire damage, water damage, mold damage, asbestos removal, renovations, crime scene clean up, and more.