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Need emergency fire cleanup? Call Pure Restore for the most reliable and knowledgeable 24/7 restoration team in Colorado.

No matter what time you need us to start fire cleanup services, we will be there. Pure Restore is ready to dispatch a technician at any time.

At Pure Restore, our priority is providing the most reliable emergency fire cleanup response in the Denver Metropolitan Area, Boulder, and the Front Range 24/7. Our highly trained team is licensed, certified, bonded, and they are happy to answer any questions about your smoke damage restoration and odor removal.

People choose Pure Restore for emergency fire damage cleanup in the Denver metro area because our team is available for a quick response and dispatch anytime you need us.

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Why should I call professionals for fire damage emergencies?

Acting quickly will expedite the process of cleanup and odor removal. The longer ash and soot sit go unmanaged, the more toxic elements and odor will be bound to the building materials of a structure.

After a fire department has fully assessed the structure and a structural engineer has cleared it for entry, its recommended to start the fire damage restoration process right away. This will expedite the time it takes to return the structure to livable conditions.

Need emergency fire cleanup service in Denver or the surrounding communities? Call Pure Restore at 303-955-7072 to schedule service with our team of top-rated fire damage experts!

Is it safe to live in a home after dealing with smoke damage?

Whether a fire directly affected certain parts of a structure raises a lot of questions when it comes to lingering smoke damage. Some clients ask if it is okay to live in a home if they are dealing with smoke odor, and that is not recommended. Smoke carries many toxic elements, especially in structural fires. That includes hazardous debris, chemicals, and gasses released from burning building materials, carpets and synthetic fabrics, compromised batteries or appliances and more.

How to avoid further damage

It is not recommended that you cleanup a home or business without personal protective equipment, and in most cases, you will need respiratory protection and full skin protection. Handling soot and ash improperly can drive those particulates further into your home’s contents. You want to avoid cross-contaminating into unaffected parts of a structure. You also have to consider damage and odor that will be present in basements or crawlspaces as well. Smoke from structural fires is extremely hazardous and should be handled with proper tools and procedures.

We are the experts in fire damage mitigation

When an emergency strikes, you want qualified professionals to handle the job so that you can safely and quickly reoccupy a home or business.

We know how much you want to return your space to pre-loss conditions, and we are fully equipped to make this process easy and straightforward for you.

Pure Restore is IICRC certified and licensed to perform fire damage cleanup services, including 24/7 emergency fire cleanup. Our team is on call and prepared to assist you at a moment’s notice.

Why trust Pure Restore for your emergency fire cleanup needs?

From the removal of heavily affected items to removing odors, our services address every aspect of fire damage and smoke damage. Pure Restore has professional technicians and project managers available for dispatch. A Pure Restore trained project manager can provide more details on estimated project completion dates once they arrive on-site.

Contact our emergency fire damage team today! We are available 24/7 for your fire restoration needs. Call Pure Restore at 303-955-7072 to schedule your service!

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Answers to frequently asked questions about emergency fire cleanup services.

How do you clean up after a fire?

The most important step is to document what was lost, especially if you know that you’re eligible for a fire damage claim. Products that contain TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) may reduce odors, but its important to handle chemicals safely as many of them are caustic. Wear full protective coverings and a full mask respirator to navigate the space safely. Wash walls or surfaces one area at a time and be mindful of porous items. Products or materials with holes or perforations can be ruined by driving ash and soot deeper into them. The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) provides standards to help determine what is salvageable or non-salvageable after a fire.

How long does it take to clean up after a fire?

After a house fire, rebuilding can take days or weeks. The first thing to do is figure out how bad the damage is and what needs to be fixed or replaced. This can be hard to do because a fire can do a lot of damage to the house and the things inside. Once the damage has been assessed, the next step is to begin the repair.

Is the smell of smoke after a fire harmful?

It’s important to be aware of the other dangers that can lurk in the aftermath of a fire. One of the most common and potentially dangerous exposures is smoke. Smoke from a house fire can have dangerous chemicals and particles that can hurt the lungs and worsen breathing problems. It’s important to avoid inhaling smoke after a fire, even if it seems to have dissipated. If you must go into a smokey area, wear a mask or other protective gear, so you don’t breathe in dangerous particles.

How much does it cost to clean up after a fire?

The cost of fire damage cleanup can vary widely depending on the extent of the damage. A small fire that is quickly extinguished may cause only minor damage, such as smoke stains on walls and ceilings. This type of damage can usually be cleaned up relatively easily and inexpensively. But a bigger fire can do much more damage, including damage to the structure, melted pipes, and water damage from trying to put out the fire. Repairing this type of damage can be very expensive, sometimes exceeding the property’s value.

How do you clean up after a plastic fire?

Cleaning up a fire that’s been started with plastic presents its own unique challenges. Plastic emits poisonous fumes when it burns, so it’s important to wear a respirator or some other form of breathing protection and clean up the area thoroughly. This means removing any burnt plastic and disposing of it properly. It also means washing any clothing exposed to the smoke or fumes.

How much does it cost to rebuild after a wildfire?

The resulting smoke and water damage can be costly to repair. The average cost of rebuilding a home damaged by a fire is $100 per square foot. This does not include the cost of personal belongings. For many families, the cost of rebuilding their homes is simply too much to bear.

What do you do after a small fire?

Always use protective gear when cleaning up after a fire. This includes gloves, long sleeves, and a face mask. Not only will this protect you from soot and ash, but it will also help to prevent any harmful chemicals that may have been released from the fire that entered your body. In addition, be sure to thoroughly clean the area. This means removing all traces of soot and debris, as well as anything that the heat of the fire may have damaged. By taking these steps, you can help make sure that a fire will cause as little damage as possible.

How much does it cost to clean smoke off walls?

Cleaning smoke residue off the walls is an important part of fixing fire damage that is often forgotten. Depending on the size of the damaged area and how bad the damage is, the cost of cleaning smoke residue off walls is usually in the thousands or more based on square footage. However, the cost of not cleaning smoke residue off walls can be even higher, as ignoring the problem can lead to further damage and potentially dangerous health risks.

How do you clean carbon after a fire?

After a fire, it’s important to clean any carbon buildup from surfaces in your home. Otherwise, the odor of smoke can linger for months. One effective way to remove carbon is to sprinkle baking soda on the affected area and let it sit for 24 hours. The baking soda will absorb the odor, and a vacuum will remove the powder easily. You may need to repeat this process several times to fully remove the smoke smell, but eventually, your home may return to normal. Consult a professional to remove any toxic elements or odors.

What can be saved after a fire?

After a fire, it is important to salvage anything that has not been damaged by water or smoke. This includes clothing, furniture, electronics and personal belongings. Place these items in a dry, well-ventilated area to prevent further damage. Once the salvaged items have been removed from the fire-damaged area, they can be cleaned and repaired as necessary.

Can you reuse a foundation after a fire?

Foundation systems in fire-destroyed buildings are typically not permitted to be re-used. In a fire, the materials that protect these building parts from high temperatures are often damaged or destroyed, leaving the steel underneath exposed to high temperatures. In addition, the concrete can be weakened by the heat, making it more likely to crack or crumble. As a result, it is usually necessary to start from scratch when rebuilding a fire-damaged building

How do you clean up fire damage?

After a fire, the first step in cleaning up the damage is to remove soot from all surfaces. This can be done by mixing soap or detergent with trisodium phosphate, household cleaner, or chlorine bleach. Once the soot has been removed, it is important to wash all surfaces with clean water to remove residual chemicals. A professional restoration company has the process and chemicals required to do this safely and swiftly.

What goes into fire restoration?

Fire restoration is the process of returning a structure to its pre-fire condition. This usually involves a lot of different cleaning and repair jobs, like getting rid of trash and soot, getting rid of smells, putting up boards, and rebuilding. Fire restoration can be a hard and complicated process, but it can be done well with the help of a professional fire restoration company.

What does fire remediation mean?

Fire restoration is the process of returning a structure to its pre-fire condition. Fire restoration tries to reduce the physical and emotional damage caused by a fire and get the property owner’s life back to normal as soon as possible.

How do you mitigate smoke damage?

There are three main ways to remove soot: using a chemical sponge, household cleaning products, or detergent. Chemical sponges are designed specifically for removing soot and can be found at most hardware stores. Soot can also be cleaned with household cleaners like vinegar or lemon juice, though they may damage some surfaces. Finally, detergent can be used to remove soot, but it is important to choose a detergent designed for sooty surfaces.

How do you remove smoke damage from wood?

If your wood furniture has been damaged by smoke, there are several steps you can take to clean it. First, vacuum the soot from the surface of the wood. Then, wipe the wood with a chemical sponge to remove any remaining soot. Finally, wipe the wood along the grain to restore its natural luster.


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