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Restoration Services for the Hospitality Industry

Pure Restore is a leader in hospitality and hotel restoration, we work quickly and effectively to minimize the impact of fire, water and mold damage to your business operations.

Pure Restore is your trusted source for emergency restoration services when it comes to your hotel or hospitality business. We know your business needs a quick solution to continue providing services to your guests. Our team can dispatch a technician immediately and we will arrive within an hour of your call.

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Best in class restoration services for the hospitality industry

If you want the best, you have to call the best. We are here to help on weekends, holidays, and after hours. Whether you are dealing with a water or flood emergency, fire/smoke damage or mold, Pure Restore is ready to assist you.

Pure Restore is IICRC certified, insured, and bonded for restoration services at any kind of hospitality property. Our team has experience dealing with multi-unit and multi-level flooding.

Pure Restore offers restoration services for hotels and hospitality providers in Denver and the surrounding communities. Call Pure Restore at 303-955-7072 to schedule service with our team of cleanup and restoration experts!

Getting your hospitality business back to normal capacity in no time

You want to get everything up and running so you can continue generating value for your customers. Whether you are running a hotel, restaurant or other hospitality business, our top priority is working safely and swiftly to perform all necessary services in a timely fashion.

Having units unavailable is expensive, and it has major implications for customer satisfaction if they cannot use the service as expected. Whenever you call us, we can provide priority support to ensure that your service can continue at the highest level possible. If the damage is substantial and it is stopping business entirely, then trust a company like Pure Restore who has the experience and equipment to handle all jobs promptly and cost effectively.

We understand your needs as a hospitality business, and we will answer any questions you have when we arrive on-site.

Pure Restore provides restoration services to spas, gyms, movie theaters, motels, hotels, casinos, resorts, bars, restaurants, cafes, and more.

Returning your hospitality business to pre-loss conditions

Our goal is to return any structure or multiple unit facilities to pre-loss conditions safely and swiftly. A Pure Restore trained project manager can provide timelines, information, and resources as soon as they learn more about the building and the damages that occurred.

We assist hospitality businesses with the following services:

Water Damage Restoration

Pure Restore can quickly and effectively extract water and perform a full dry out. We also help hospitality businesses with flood damage repairs, sewage backups, and more.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Odor Removal

Our team will remove fire damage and then properly clean and sanitize the environment while using equipment to improve air quality and remove odors quickly.

Mold Remediation

We can inspect for mold, performing mold testing or remediation depending on your needs. If you suspect mold may be growing, we can provide an assessment and a detailed report with our findings.

Specialty Services

Other services we perform include board up services, sanitization and cleanup services, trauma and bio-hazard cleanup, Covid-19 virus decontamination, and more.

Choosing the best hospitality damage restoration company

We work with businesses in travel and tourism, lodging, food and beverage, and recreation. Whether you manage the business or its property, we are prepared to be a useful resource throughout the process.

Pure Restore is here to protect your environment and perform proper restoration services in a timely manner without cutting a single corner. By avoiding the temptation of cheap and/or partial restoration services, you are ensuring a reduction of liability while preserving the value of your most important asset.

Our hospitality restoration specialists are ready to help 24/7! Call Pure Restore at 303-955-7072 to schedule restoration or cleanup for your hotel or hospitality business!

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Answers to frequently asked questions about hotel and hospitality restoration services.

Is water restoration hard?

Water restoration can be quite difficult, depending on the extent of the damage. It often requires many hours of work to restore a home or business to its pre-loss condition.

What does a restoration company do?

A restoration company will work to clean up and fix any damage that has been done to a property. This may involve anything from removing water or debris to repairing structural damage. In some cases, the company may also need to work with insurance adjusters.

What is emergency restoration?

Emergency restoration is the process of repairing damage to a property caused by a sudden event, such as a fire, flood, or severe weather. Emergency restoration businesses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will arrive at your property promptly to assess the damage and devise a plan to restore it to its original condition.

How does disaster restoration work?

Disaster restoration involves restoration companies that clean and restore a structure after the structure has faced water damage, fire/smoke damage or mold.

What are the three main items in disaster recovery?

After a disaster strikes, it is important to return to normal as quickly as possible. This can be done by going through the three phases of disaster recovery: assessment, restoration, and recovery.

Which component will be most important in hotel disaster management?

There are six key components to hotel disaster management, which are as follows: pre-disaster planning, disaster preparedness, disaster response, recovery operations, business continuity planning, and post-disaster reviews. Of these six components, pre-disaster planning is going to be the most important.

Do hotels need restoration companies?

When dealing with water loss in a hotel or other rental unit, its critical to dry any areas affected by water damage right away. Water Damage is a substantial risk to carpets, walls, and flooring. With professional drying equipment a hotel room can be dried out in a couple of days. Its important to clean and disinfect any affected areas to avoid unwanted odors for your customers.

How do you perform restoration services in a restaurant?

Work with a restoration company to ensure your building is safe for customers. In some scenarios it is possible to continue business operations while performing restoration services. More extreme water damage or fire damage may require substantial repairs to the structure. These repairs are critical to avoid expensive replacement of floors, walls or other structural elements.

Can I keep my hotel open during water extraction and drying?

It is usually possible to perform restoration in a unit without affecting other units. This depends on if other units are also facing water damage. Some drying equipment is loud and may be a nuisance to customers in surrounding rooms.


Here’s How It Works


Step 1: Inspection

We'll evaluate your property in person to assess all damage.

Our certified technicians use state of the art equipment and tools to find all affected areas in your property. Educating and guiding our customers through the process is our passion.


Step 2: Start Work

Sign a work authorization form so work can start right away.

After developing a scope our team gets to work. We are NOT a demolition company. Our goal is to get you back to pre-loss condition in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of demo possible. We use specialized equipment and techniques to accomplish this.


Step 3: Certificate of Satisfaction

We are not done until you sign off on the job.

After completing the work, we walk the entire project with the property owner to ensure the quality of work and scope was completed to satisfaction. We stand by our work and our customers throughout the entire project. We are available to answer any question 24/7/365.

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We are Colorado’s Top-Rated Disaster Restoration Company

Pure Restore is the industry leader in disaster restoration. We offer quality service and peace of mind to both home and business owners alike during emergency situations of all kinds.

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We’ve been fortunate to serve some pretty amazing clients. It’s a privilege to be among Colorado’s most trusted restoration companies.

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Pure Restore is IICRC certified, insured, and bonded. Whether the job is big or small, our team can tackle it.







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We offer 24/7 Emergency Service to all of our customers. At Pure Restore, we love restoring our customers’ properties to look and feel new again. We provide both commercial and residential restoration for any number of property damage issues. Our team is experienced at addressing fire damage, water damage, mold damage, asbestos removal, renovations, crime scene clean up, and more.