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If you are looking for a job with a structured career path, then you have come to the right place. Starting as an entry level Restoration Technician is like an apprenticeship. You will get paid from the start, and we will train you and pay for your certifications.

As your knowledge level increases, so does your salary. Experienced candidates are welcome to apply and be considered for senior positions. Even if you have no experience, Pure Restore can get you started with our paid training.

Current Job Openings & Information

Restoration Technician

Starts at $18-$20 an hour
Full Time
Required: On-Call Availability

Our primary goal is help home owners and business owners who are dealing with floods, fires, remediation, and more. This is a high paying entry level position because restoration is an 24/7/365 industry, and you must have availability to be called after hours, weekends, and holidays for emergencies.

We want to set people up to have a successful and fulfilling career. Our team will teach you all the steps and processes. If you are a fast learner and feel driven to achieve your certifications early, we can accelerate your growth by request.

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Phase 1: The Basics

We will get you into the action right away. Depending on which jobs we have going on (water, mold, or fire) our team will bring you to an active project so you can learn hands-on with our senior technicians and project managers.

Phase 2: Advanced Knowledge

Once you are done with the first phase, you will start to pick up on more advanced skills. Based on the knowledge you develop during your first few weeks, we will start to teach you the most critical aspects of the job so that you can work with confidence.

Phase 3: Testing & Certifications

Once you have learned all the day-to-day tasks of a Restoration Technician, we will start preparing you to further your expertise with IICRC Testing. Successfully completing these certifications will increase your salary and make you a valuable asset across the restoration industry.

Phase 4: Leadership

As you become increasingly certified, we will help develop your leadership skills. This will allow you to step into team lead and managerial positions, such as Project Managers.


We help our employees realize their most important goals. With years of experience and unmatched credentials, Pure Restore is uniquely equipped to make a significant and lasting impact on our team’s careers.


Step 1: Onboarding

On your first day we’ll get you setup with official documents and paperwork. You’ll get your uniform and start training right away. Feel free to answer any questions on your mind throughout the training process!

Step 2: Hands-On Experience

You will see active restoration jobs with our most senior project manager. Some training will occur at headquarters, but most of it will come from real experience on the field.

Step 3: Certifications

After your initial training period, we will start the certification process. In order to become certified, you must take and pass the required tests. Pure Restore will pay for testing and increase your salary based on successfully acquired certifications.

Health cover

Health Coverage

We pay 50% of your health benefits.

Paid Training

You will be paid during your training regardless of experience level. Experienced candidates will still go through our training program.

On-Call Bonuses

Get paid extra if you get called out after hours. On holidays, after hours pay is doubled.

Learn With The Best

Pure Restore only uses the best technology and equipment. We’ll teach you all required processes and procedures to safely operate as a technician.

Certifications For Life

Our team will help you grow and acquire certifications which will increase your seniority as you progress further. The best part is that these certifications will help you be a valuable asset to our entire industry.


Thank you for your interest. We will respond to applications within two business days or sooner. Have a question? Call 303-955-7072

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1. Initial Training

Paid by Pure Restore

We will get you started on the right track and teach you everything there is to know about water damage mitigation, fire damage repairs, and environmental testing.


2. Field Training

Hands-on Learning

You will be a part of our ongoing restoration projects where we will show you our equipment, testing processes and more.


3: Certifications

Further Education

We will help you gain IICRC Certifications to further your skills and knowledge, giving you access to more advanced positions and increased pay.


4: Advancement

More Pay & Opportunities

As you master different aspects of restoration, you will become a valuable technician in the industry. You will see higher salaries and become eligible for more advanced positions.


We are Colorado’s Top-Rated Disaster Restoration Company

Pure Restore is the industry leader in disaster restoration. We offer quality service and peace of mind to both home and business owners alike during emergency situations of all kinds.

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Pure Restore is IICRC certified, insured, and bonded. Whether the job is big or small, our team can tackle it.







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